150 Agribusiness Ideas for 2018

February 1, 2018, 11:59 am



Agriculture contributes 6.5% to global GDP and in Nigeria, it contributes over 25% of our GDP. During the recession in Nigeria, Agriculture was one of the sectors or industries that experienced growth. This shows that if you’re looking for a sector to invest in 2018, you should seriously consider agriculture.


Investment opportunities in agriculture

There are numerous opportunities and avenues to invest in agriculture. However, it’s advisable to pick an agribusiness idea or venture to invest in which is an intersection of your natural inclination (or disposition) and profitability (growing market demand). Also, there’s a lot of capital out there ready to back investments in the right agribusiness idea. For instance, the Federal Government of Nigeria plans to inject $3.2 billion to the Bank of Agriculture in 2017 who in turn should give out loans to farmers and food processors. There’s also private capital out there available to the savvy agribusiness entrepreneur! 


Agribusiness Ideas for 2018

After a thorough and careful analysis of the trends and demand gaps that currently exist in the agribusiness sector, the following is a compilation of the best investment-grade agribusiness ideas you should consider investing in this year:


1. Drone Services: There’s no denying the ubiquity of drones, they are everywhere and from the looks of things, they are going to be around for a very long time! They’ve found use and applications in film or video making, photography, product delivery etc. They can also be deployed in agriculture for activities like spraying pesticides on crops, monitoring farmlands from the air so that patterns like irrigation problems, soil variation and pest and fungal infestations that aren’t apparent at eye level can be revealed. If you want to buy and learn how to fly drones, check out our agriculture drones video tutorials.


2. Analytics: Farmers have to contend with and analyze a lot of data and information as part of their job. They have to make accurate decisions after analyzing a lot of variables like rainfall conditions, underground water concentration, temperature, harvest yields, commodity prices etc. An analytics software or app that can ease decision making and present data variables in an easy-to-understand format for farming would be of great help to farmers because modern farmers now see data as an integral part of farming.


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3. Agricultural Actuary: Agriculture and farming, like any other business, involves a lot of risk. Knowing how to analyze the risks involved in farming and coming up with innovative agricultural insurance products and solutions to mitigate and buffer these risks will be a good agribusiness idea to consider for 2018.


4. Vaccine Specialist: Just like how the bacteria and viruses that cause human diseases are evolving and becoming resistant to known treatments and antibiotics, so too are the pathogens that cause animal diseases and illnesses. The agribusiness sector has a desperate need for biologist, chemists and lab technicians who can correctly diagnose disease-causing pathogens in animals and recommend the right treatment action and vaccines to prevent disease outbreaks.


5. Food Review Source: People are getting more cautious of what they eat and how the food they eat are sourced and prepared. A food review website, like Yelp, which helps the concerned and conscious consumers know where their food is coming from and how it is produced, would be a good agribusiness idea for 2018.


6. Animal Pest Control: Animal pests like rodents, beetles and bats cause a lot of damage to farm produce and affect yields. Developing innovative solutions to combat the menace of animal pests on food produce and harvest yield without tainting the farm produce would be a big hit!


7. Digital Information Center for Farmers: Farmers need information all the time. They want to know where to get the best seeds, where to buy the best feed ingredients and so much more. While this information can be gotten from Google, it also comes with a lot of irrelevant search results. Farmers would love to have their own dedicated information center where all their farming and agribusiness queries can be answered.


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8. Seed Specialist: The quality of food or farm produce grown is directly proportional to the quality of seed used in its planting. Also with the outcry against GMO farm produce, a center or business committed to producing quality seedlings which are resistant to disease and safe for human consumption would be a good agribusiness idea to consider.


9. Organic Fertilizer: The use of chemical fertilizer on crops has been known to cause groundwater contamination and leave traces of toxic chemicals in food that aren’t safe for human consumption. Organic fertilizers which are well-packaged and free of harmful chemicals would be well received by farmers and food enthusiasts.


10. Recruiting agency for Farmers: Most farmers suffer from a shortage of literate, low-level farm labor on their farms. An agency which helps farmers to easily and quickly recruit young, intelligent and literate labor for middle to long-term positions on their farms would be a huge hit.


11. Water Conservation: Farming and agriculture involve the use of large quantity of water. With the shortage of quality drinking water caused by climate change, many farms don’t have the luxury of wasting water on their farms. A business that can help farmers get good harvest and animal yield while using minimum amount of water would be in high demand.


12. Water Purification: A lot of water waste occurs on farms. Most of the waste water could be treated and purified for further usage on the farm. A business which manufactures and sells compact water purification units would be a very good agribusiness idea.


13. Food Brand Manager: There are a lot local companies producing quality and safe food products which can rival some of the big-name food brands in the supermarkets. However, consumers don’t know about these products because the local companies don’t have big marketing budgets to play with and they also lack technical marketing expertise. Good food marketing and brand managers who know how to use new media to market and sell products are therefore in high demand by local companies who have good products for the market


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14. Telemedicine for Animals: Most of the animal farms like piggery and poultry farms are located far from high-density population areas (also known as cities) because of the odor generated from their operation and the space required by their operations. As a result of this, farms are located in remote areas and villages where access to quality veterinary medicine and doctors is limited. Telemedicine (also referred to as "telehealth" or "e-health") allows health care professionals to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients in remote locations using telecommunications technology. Telemedicine allows patients in remote locations to access medical expertise quickly, efficiently and without travel. This concept can also be applied to animals too. A telemedicine app or platform which helps bridge the gap and connects farmers to experienced veterinary doctors from all over the world is a very good agribusiness idea.


15. Innovative Fruit Drinks: The juice and beverage market in Nigeria is very large and it’s growing. We’ve lots of different fruits and crops growing in Nigeria but very limited amount of drinks and beverages made from these fruits. The juice market is open to receiving new drinks and beverages manufactured from the untapped fruits grown in Nigeria.  Some crops worth producing a drink from are cucumbers and bananas.


16. Animal Feed Protein Source: In animal feeds, protein is one of the major ingredients needed for good and rapid growth. Over the last few years, there has been a 100% increase in animal feed protein prices! The animal feed industry is open to a disruptive animal protein source that is cheap, nutritious and readily available. Companies like Enterra and Protix are already seizing this opportunity.


17. Enzymes and Microbes Culture: The atmosphere has a lot of nutrients in gaseous form (Nitrogen, Hydrogen etc.) which are very useful for plant and animal life and production. However, many of the methods used to deliver these useful nutrients to animals and plants involve chemical-based fertilizers and supplements which can be harmful to consumers. Instead of using chemical-based fertilizers, we can harness these naturally-occurring nutrients in the atmosphere and deploy them for agriculture purposes safely and ethically. Enzymes and microbes exists which can take these gases and convert them to a form that plants and animals can use. Businesses which know how to commercialize these processes would be a very good inclusion to the agriculture sector.


18. Robotics/Automation: Automation is a trend that’s here to stay and it would improve productivity in businesses and industries albeit with the loss of many jobs. Many processes that occur in the farms such as manual feeding, manual drinkers, etc. can be automated by robots in order to improve farm productivity and profitability.


19. Disease Nutritionist: It has been said that food is the best medicine. With the right type of diet, our usage of drugs and visits to the hospitals would be greatly reduced. However, most people don’t eat right and therefore suffer many types of ailment which a proper and good diet could easily resolve. A business which provides information on the right type of food to eat based on the ailments/disease or illness people are dealing with will be a very good agribusiness idea to pursue in 2018.


20. Battery Power for Farms: Regular power supply is still a challenge for farmers in Nigeria. Many farm operations require the use of electricity which isn’t always available. An inverter system or rechargeable power battery bank specifically designed to power dedicated farming operation like pumping water, illuminating the animal pen etc. would be a very good product/ agribusiness idea. You can even go further and develop a power pack for farm residence like Tesla’s power wall.


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21. Snake Farm: Snake skin fashion items and accessories like bags, belts, shoes, purses etc. are in very high demand and they command a good price. A snake farm which produces snake skin for producing these fashion accessories will be a good agribusiness idea for 2018.


22. Medical Cannabis: Cannabis is a very controversial plant but it possesses certain components that have been identified to treat certain ailments like muscle spasms from multiple sclerosis, nausea from cancer chemotherapy, seizures, poor appetite and weight loss caused by HIV, etc. Cultivating marijuana for medical purposes is a good agribusiness idea.


23. Biodiesel for Cars: Fossil fuel (coal, oil) are responsible for most of the damage to the world ecosystem and are responsible for climate change. The auto industry is essential to human activity on earth and as such is in need for alternative fuels which are safe for the environment. Efforts to grow, produce and process plants and animal oil/fats into vehicle fuels will be a very good agribusiness idea for the long term future.


24. Flower Aromatherapy: Cultivating flowers which give out nice odours will be a good agribusiness idea for 2018. Many hotels, restaurants, schools and public places will be open to the idea of using flower to both beautify and aerate their premises.



25. Pollination Expert: There’s a quote attributed to Albert Einstein which says that if bees disappear from the earth, human live would be extinct in 4 years! No bees mean no more pollination, and no more plants for animals and man to eat. Bees play a very important role in human existence on the planet and they are increasingly going out of existence. Pollination centers where bees can procreate, produce pure honey and pollinate flowers would be highly sought after.


26. Stones/Ornament Accessories: More and more people are wearing accessories like wrist bands and necklaces these days. The number of fashion conscious people is increasing everyday so there’s a large and growing market for the creative and artistic use of ordinary stones to make fashion accessories for men and women.


27. Greenhouse Farming: Greenhouse farming especially in urban areas is booming. Greenhouses are very efficient and effective structures which make use of small space, controlled environment and limited nutrient to grow large number of vegetable and fruits. You can easily setup a greenhouse farm beside your house to grow fruits and vegetables to sell to your neighbours. You can learn more about setting up your greenhouse farm here


28. Sugar Substitutes: It has become clear that rising sugar consumption is responsible for obesity and many other types of disease in the world today. Despite the harmful effect of sugar in our diet, millions of people find it hard to give it up because of its addictive nature. Hence the solution is to find a natural and safe sugar substitute. Many fruits contain sugar which can be extracted and packaged as an alternative to white sugar.


29. Packaging for Local Goods: There are many local and enterprising entrepreneurs who are manufacturing and packaging cereals, oatmeal and other food items. These food items are very good, but they receive low patronage from the public because consumers are irritated by their packaging. A business which can help local producers improve on their packaging will be a good agribusiness idea for 2018.


30. Desiccants for Snacks: Desiccants are those sealed plastic foils inside snacks. They are used to keep snacks dry. Most of them are made of silica which can be harmful if exposed to ultraviolet light. Efforts to make biodegradable desiccants for food and snack products will be a good agribusiness idea to consider for 2018.


31. Paper Electronics: Paper and the printing press used to be the iPad and iPhone when they were first invented by the Chinese and revolutionized by Gutenberg’s printing press in the 16th century. But remarkable advances in materials science and simpler fabrication methods are setting the stage for a whole new breed of cheap, bendable, disposable, and perhaps even recyclable electronics. And some of the most exciting work in this field is happening with paper. Paper has already shown promise as a substrate for sensors, biological assays, RF antennas, batteries, and circuit boards. Paper electronics can be deployed in making smart labels for agricultural produce and food products which can use changing colors and text to dynamically convey expiration dates, ingredient information, mixing ratios etc.


32. Wearables for Animals: Fitness enthusiasts are very familiar with wearables that keep track of their pulse, number of steps walked, sleeping patterns etc. Just as these metrics are important for human health, there are equally important metrics crucial for animal health which farmers should stay abreast of. Wearable devices can be developed which track the health metrics of animal farm and relay them to farmers. The wearables can also let farmers know when their animals are due to receive medicine and vaccine. This is a good agribusiness idea to consider.


33. Wood Shavings: Farmers need wood shavings to help with managing the excretion of their animals. These wood shavings are produced in excess by wood processing and carpentry shops. You can collect these wood shavings at minimal cost from carpentry shops and deliver them to the farms where they are needed.


34. Haulage Sharing: Many farmers who produce crops don’t have reliable and functional vehicles to move their produce to the cities. You can setup a chain of on-demand vehicles which farmers can lease (just like Uber) to take their produce to the city markets.


35. Organic Cosmetics: Most cosmetics like creams, hair relaxers, body sprays etc. contain harmful chemical substances which can cause cancer. Our ancestors weren’t affected by cancer because they used organic products on their bodies. Developing and packaging plant based products like coconut oil, shea butter etc. into cosmetic products that cause no long term damage to the body will be a very successful agribusiness idea.


36. Snail Shells: Snail shells contain a very high amount of calcium carbonate and they can be used as a biological raw materials used to produce calcium used in animal feeds. You can collect snail shells from market women or snail farmers and use them to produce calcium for sale and distribution to animal feed producers.

Snail Shells

37. Cooking Oils: Cooking oil is mainly gotten from groundnut and palm kernel yet there are many other crops which have oil in them such as okra, pumpkin, avocado etc. You can harness and extract the oils from these crops and package them as cooking oil to be sold in markets and shops. Many of them can add unique smell and flavor to our everyday food.


38. Rice Milling: Like I mentioned earlier, the FGN has earmarked $3.2 billion for farmers in 2017. Most of the money will be given to local food processors like rice millers. You can setup a rice milling facility to process and package locally grown rice.


39. Egg Shells: Egg shells are also a good source of calcium which can be used in making organic fertilizer or as an ingredient in animal feed. Egg shells are readily available and abundant. You can collect egg shells from nearby bakeries or Mai Tea in your neighborhood and begin the process of adding value to them. This is a good agribusiness idea to consider.


40. Organic Bandages: Plants such as lamb’s ear and marsh woundwort have built-in antibacterial properties that can be directly applied to the skin, and an animal product like egg membrane can heal a burn faster than sutures.  Also, seaweeds contain many medicinal properties which are ideal for treating wounds, injuries and sores. Most of the water bodies in Lagos are covered with seaweed. You can collect these seaweeds, harness them into bandages which can then be used as covering and dressing for wounds and injuries.


41. Mango Medicine: Mango leaves are very rich in vitamins A, B and C. They also have very powerful antioxidant properties making them ideal in treating many ailments like diabetes, low blood pressure, asthma etc. Collecting and processing these mango leaves should be a relatively cheap procedure and you can make a lot of money selling them as natural remedies.


42. Zebra Farming: Zebras are exotic animals which belong to the horse family and are distinguished by their unique black and white striped coats. They are mostly found in the savannahs from Sudan to northern Zimbabwe. They are also found in Kenya, South Africa, Namibia and Angola. Zebra meat is very low in fat and has very high protein content. Also, a strain of Clostridium bacteria found in their feces is very useful in biofuel production.


43. Horns: With China’s recent announcement to ban all trade in ivory by the end of 2017, horn is ideally placed as an ethical substitute to ivory. This ban on ivory trade is a very welcome development because it was leading to the extinction of elephants in Africa. Ivory is mostly used for ornament and jewelry, two things which horns from cows, cattle and goats can be effectively used for. You can collect cow and goat horns and hoofs from abattoirs and export them to China


44. Cocoa Medicine: Cocoa leaves contain many useful vitamins and minerals which can be used to treat asthma, weakness, diarrhea, fractures, loss of appetite, malaria, parasites, pneumonia, cough, colic and poisoning. Processing cocoa leaves and packaging them as a medicinal product is a very good agribusiness idea.


45. Mobile Coffee Shops: The city is made up of businesses whose workers live far from their places of work. Many of these workers don’t get a good night sleep and they go to work every day feeling sleepy. You can setup a mobile coffee shop close to busy business districts to sell coffee and snacks to workers.


46. Organic Washing Liquid: Conventional washing liquids are loaded with chemicals like sulfates, fragrances, phenols and more. Many washing liquid brands contain things like petroleum distillates, which are linked to cancer and lung disease. Also, the fragrances in these detergents are made of a mix of harmful chemicals. Coming up with a brand of organic washing liquid devoid of any harmful substance and chemical is a good agribusiness idea to consider.


47. Animal Hotel: There are a growing number of wealthy individuals who keep pets at home. Most of these pet owners travel a lot and they can’t take their pets with them. You can setup a pet hotel or guest house to look after pets when their owners are away.


48. Mosquito Repellant Plants: Malaria-causing mosquitoes are a mainstay in West Africa and many of the insecticides used to fight them are harmful to human health. You can setup a gardening business which specializes in planting mosquito repellant plants like citronella grass, basil, catmint etc. for establishments like hospitals, schools, parks etc. where it’s in their best interest to avoid malaria outbreaks. This is a good agribusiness idea to look into.


50. Root Drinks: Nigeria is home to many plants whose roots have medicinal properties. These plants and their roots have been used to treat ailment and sicknesses for generations. However, the art of herbal medicine is being lost as a result of the ‘sophistication’ of the populace. This has in no way diminished the medicinal powers of these roots and they are a wonderful business opportunity waiting to be tapped. Researching these roots and processing them into well packed drinks is a very good agribusiness idea to consider.


51. Arthritis: Arthritis, a condition characterized by severe pains in the joint, is a problem among the aging community. There are many plants and fruits used for treating arthritis such as ginger, turmeric, grape etc. You can setup a business that cultivates these crops and packages them as drinks for relieving arthritic pain. This is a very good agribusiness idea to consider.


52. Beard Oil: Many men, especially young men, are keeping their beards and most of them are not doing it right. You can setup a business that uses local plants (coconut, avocado etc.) to make oils which can be applied on beards to keep them shiny, dandruff-free and luscious.

53. Invest in Cassava. Cassava is the most important and regular staple food for Africans. The market for starch in Nigeria and other neighboring countries in Africa is huge. But the lack of quality cassava processing facilities within the country is a huge business opportunity that you can take advantage of.


54. Soya bean and soya-related products are also in high demand in Nigeria. Soya-based foods, edible oil, and animal feeds can be your source of agribusiness venture. It’s in high demand and promises greater ROI. This is a one of the very good agribusiness ideas that isn’t being exploited


55. You can also invest in sorghum, which has become a very important industrial and household crop. This is a one of the very good agribusiness ideas that isn’t being exploited



56. If you have access to large capital, then opening a fruit juice concentrate facility in Nigeria can also be a very interesting agribusiness option. As per surveys, nearly 90% of the fruit juice concentrates are imported from foreign countries to manufacture fruit juices in Nigeria. Can you imagine the profit margin you will enjoy if you have your fruit juice concentrate facility within the country? Just imagine the tremendous demand you’ll have to meet!


57. Food processing and storage is also one of the good agribusiness ideas. Most of the food produced in Nigeria end up as waste because of lack of storage facilities. This is a one of the very good agribusiness ideas that isn’t being exploited


58. Fresh flowers are also another good agribusiness idea. As we all know, fresh flowers are used for many event decoration purposes and also for home decoration purposes. You can easily make money by growing flowers.


59. Vegetables are the most common and highly consumed food item across the world. So, starting a vegetable farm in Nigeria is one of the simplest businesses in the entire world which gives a good profit margin. This is a one of the very good agribusiness ideas that isn’t being exploited


60. You can also make money from mushroom farming. All that you are supposed to do is just clean up your space and start your own farming of mushroom today. You can even start exporting it.


61. Another good agribusiness idea for young entrepreneurs is to start a hatchery for the purpose of strictly hatching eggs for sale to farmers. You can hatch eggs of broilers and layer birds. This is a very good agribusiness idea to consider.


62. Quail egg farming is also another good agribusiness idea. It involves growing quail for profitable egg and meat production. Quail farming plays a vital role in meeting the daily nutritional requirement and it is a good source of earning money. This is one of the very good agribusiness ideas that isn’t being exploited.


63. Dairy farming is considered to be one of the most profitable agribusiness ideas. In addition to milk and yoghurt production, a huge quantity of manure is also produced from dairy farming. This is a one of the very good agribusiness ideas that isn’t being exploited.


64. Growing medicinal herbs is also another profitable agriculture business. In order to accomplish the task, you need to have sufficient knowledge about medicinal herbs and the different illnesses they cure. It is advisable to pick herbs like aloe, onions and garlic which can be used to treat a lot of illnesses and diseases.


65. Cactus Farming: Cactus is considered to be the most important plant decor item. Selling cactus is a very profitable business. This business can be easily started from your home with minimum investment. This is a one of the very good agribusiness ideas that isn’t being exploited


66. Commercial Corn Farming: Corn has diverse uses from animal feeds to human consumption to industrial uses like in the production of corn starch.


67. Snail Farming: Snail meat can be used as a healthy alternative to red meat and it’s very tasty. People suffering from health issues or those who are on a diet can opt for snail meat. This is a one of the very good agribusiness ideas that isn’t being exploited and you can learn how to start yours here.


68. Spices are used in almost all the dishes in order to make the dish much tastier. Spices are in high demand in the market. By growing spices like thyme, nutmeg, etc. you can make a lot of money supplying them to consumers and traders. You can also decide to go into the processing and packaging of your own species so that you can earn more money from the spices.


69. Aqua farming is also another good agribusiness idea. There are several options available to you such as tilapia farming, crayfish farming etc. This is a one of the very good agribusiness ideas that isn’t being exploited.


70. Meat Packaging: It’s a common concern with a number of people that the meats in our abattoirs are not packed hygienically. As a smart entrepreneur, you can solve this problem and make good money through packing poultry meat and other types of meat. This is a one of the very good agribusiness ideas that isn’t being exploited.


71. Pig Farming: Piggery is another major source of meat production. Pig meat and by-products are consumed by non-Muslims all over the world. Pig fat, which is called Lard, is also used as an anti-foaming agent in industrial processes. You can learn more about pig farming here


72. Shrimp farming is an aquaculture agribusiness that involves raising shrimps in a man-made environment. The need for this item is increasing rapidly. You can sell your harvested shrimps to restaurants and supermarkets. This is a one of the very good agribusiness ideas that you should consider.


73. Processed cashew is widely consumed by individuals. It has a great market value in the FMCG industry. Cashew is also in high demand in the international markets where it is used as a raw material in developing drugs, antioxidants, fungicides, etc.


74. Groundnut processing business can be started with minimal investment. The processed ground nuts have greater value in the market and it is used in animal feeds (groundnut cake) and the production of soaps, biodiesel, insecticides etc.


75. You can also start a flour milling business. With a good supply of cassava and wheat, you can process them into flour which is used in making bread, biscuit and other food items that people consume a lot.


76. Fruits like strawberry, orange, grapes etc. can also be processed and turned into items like jam and jelly. This process is not so complex and it can be started on a small scale with little capital.



77. Botanical pesticide is another profitable agribusiness idea. Botanical insecticides are naturally occurring chemicals (toxins) extracted or derived from plants or minerals. It is a very necessary item used in organic farming. The need for this type of product is increasing at a rapid pace due to declining use of chemical pesticide because of their adverse side effects.


78. For the non-vegetarians, frozen chicken is the most delicious items. The demand for frozen chicken is rising globally. This is equally an agribusiness idea worth looking into.


79. With the increase in health awareness and the harmful effects of white sugar, the need for pure honey is increasing globally. In fact, it is a profitable agribusiness venture to start with little investment.


80. You can also become an agricultural produce broker where you link producers of agricultural items with people willing to buy those produce.


81. You can start an agribusiness that is involved in sunflower farming. Sunflower is a highly aesthetic and decorative plant which can be used to beautify homes and offices.


82. Fruit Drying: The process of solar drying of fruits helps in preserving the nutritional value of the fruits. It is also used to make seasonal fruits available all year round.


83. Fish Farming. Commercial farming of fish is also another profitable agribusiness. Large quantities of fishes are consumed every year in Nigeria and most of these fishes are imported. With the federal government ban on importation of fishes, local fish farmers stand to make a lot of money.


84. Micronutrient is very essential to our diet. Micronutrients are dietary components, often referred to as vitamins and minerals, which although only required by the body in small amounts, are vital to development, disease prevention, and wellbeing. These nutrients can’t be produced by the body but they can only be gotten from food sources. This business involves the process of adding these essential vitamins and minerals to food sources, for example the process of adding Vitamin A to flour or the addition of iodine to salts. Anyone interested in this field can start the business with minimal capital investment.


85. Livestock feed production is a small scale manufacturing business that you can start. By purchasing a few processing equipment, having access to feed ingredients and raw materials, you can begin processing and bagging feeds used in rearing livestock.


86. Chick Selling: You don’t have to rear large, table size poultry birds. You can earn money from rearing and selling chicks that are at day-old, point-of-cage or point-of-lay to the local poultry farmers. In fact, it is a highly profitable business but it requires specialized knowledge.


87. Tea business is also another good agribusiness idea. You can grow tea leaves and plants in a region where there is heavy rainfall and at a height of 1.3 miles above the sea level.


88. In today’s world with the wide acceptance of e-commerce and online shopping, an online grocery shopping e-commerce website is a good agribusiness idea to implement. You can setup the website in such a way that farmers can post and list their farm produce directly for sale and you receive a commission on any sale they make. People would then be able to buy fresh fruits and vegetables from the comfort of their homes and offices.


89. A landscape expert is a professional having knowledge regarding landscape architecture which includes land planning, storm water management, construction specification and other such things. There’re many private estates springing up in the major cities of Nigeria and they need the services of landscape experts to beautify the estates. It’s an agribusiness idea worth pursuing.


90. Goat is the major meat producing animal in Nigeria. Goat farming can be started with little capital and minimum land space.


91. Jatropha farming is mainly done for bio-diesel and it is one of the trending agribusiness ideas. The cultivators can easily cultivate Jatropha as a source of raw material for producing bio-diesel.


92. Potato Processing: Potato powder is widely used in the processed food industries where it is used it as a thickener, baking ingredient, binder, breading and an extender. Potato powder business is a small scale manufacturing business.


93. Horticulture: The horticulturists help to produce flowers, fruits and plants in greenhouses as well as in nurseries.


94. Fodder is any agricultural foodstuff, used to feed livestock like chicken, pigs, goats and horses. There are several types of fodder, for example seaweed, bone meal, molasses, green maize etc. Fodder can be cultivated to feed livestock.


95. Seed Certification: This is a process of quality assurance wherein the seeds to be used for planting are subjected to testing and inspection. This is also a good agribusiness idea that you can implement.


96. Soil testing is very essential to monitoring the nutrients in the soil and ensuring no sort of damage to the surrounding environment. Starting a soil testing lab is an ideal and very suitable agribusiness idea.


97. Custard Production: The process of custard manufacturing in Nigeria is very easy and it is quite easy to produce as well. It is quite easy to market in the cities where the people are very busy and don’t have time to prepare elaborate meals.


98. A number of people move into city, but still love to have local foods and drinks at their disposal, if it is in a good packaged condition. You can easily meet this craving by opening a restaurant that serves local delicacies.


99. Basket and Broom Production: Baskets are mainly used for packing agricultural products like pepper, oranges, onion and bitter kola. As the baskets are available in various shapes and sizes, it helps the farmers package their farm produce. Brooms are used for sweeping and as decoration pieces. This is also a good agribusiness idea.

Fruit Basket

100. Rabbits Rearing: Rabbits can be easily kept as pets at home. No law prohibits it. Moreover, it doesn’t require much maintenance and investment. It just needs a little space either in your backyard or in an abandoned area.


101. Grass cutter is the second largest rodent in Nigeria. Grass cutters reproduce twice in a year. Grass cutter farming is a good agribusiness idea to implement. If you have access to fresh grasslands, you can start rearing them because they love fresh grasses with higher moisture content.


102. The flavor of coconut is entirely unique when compared to any drinks. You can easily earn money by selling coconut juice in stores, restaurants and supermarkets.


103. A major issue which every crop farmer in Nigeria faces is how to get rid of unnecessary weeds. Though the process of weed removal takes about 70% of farming cost, it aids plants and crop growth. You can start an agribusiness that helps farmers remove the weeds on their farms.


104. Selling of plantain either in roasted or toasted form is a huge money spinner. After removing the skin of the plantain, you can choose to garnish it with spices before it’s fried in oil in order to produce chips. In fact, it is one of the best ways to make money as the majority of Nigerians love to eat plantain chips, especially when they are stuck in traffic.


105. You can easily make money by buying and leasing agricultural tools and equipment to farmers who can’t afford to own their own tractors, harvesters and other farm machinery.


106. Urban Agriculture: The process of urban agricultural involves cultivating, processing as well as the distribution of food items in and around cities. This is another good agribusiness idea for you to consider.


107. Now-a-days, a high percentage of people have started moving towards eating fresh fruits for health purposes. So, you can start supplying and selling fresh fruits in Nigeria.


108. Insect Farming is a unique form of farming. You can rear insects as a protein source for animals.


109. Farming or breeding guinea pig is another very profitable agribusiness. Rearing of guinea pigs isn’t as complex as rearing pigs. You can do this to earn some money. This is a one of the very good agribusiness ideas that isn’t being exploited


110. Salt Water Fish Farming: Fish farming is mainly divided into two major categories: salt water farming and fresh water farming. Some of the most delicious species of fish like tuna, mackerel, snapper, swordfish etc. are raised in saltwater. You can choose to rear these types of fishes in their natural habitat or artificially with saline tanks. The current demand for fish in Nigeria isn’t being effectively met. Thus, it makes fish farming one of the most profitable agribusiness ideas you can venture into.


111. Another interesting agribusiness idea is pet birds farming. Here you will be breeding birds such as parrots, dove, canary etc. as domestic pets.


112. Sheep Farming: The sheep breeding business is lucrative because sheep meat is a very exclusive type of meat served only in high class restaurants. You can start a sheep farm to supply restaurants. Also, sheep skin can also be used to make very expensive wool and leather goods.


113. Cattle Farming: This is ideal for you if you have vacant land as well as resources to work it out. As long as people continue to eat meat and leather products are in demand, cattle rearing business remains a very profitable agribusiness.


114. Oil palm plantation involves cultivating of oil palm trees. During the harvesting process, the palm fruits can be sold to producers who would produce palm oil in return. This is a very profitable business suitable for the long-term.


115. We have a huge number of apricots trees in Nigeria. Apricots have several medicinal and non-medicinal uses. They can be dried and made into juice. They are also used in alternate therapy in the treatment of cancers, ulcers, tumors, swellings etc.


116. Agricultural loans can be given to farmers at decent interest. Banks and financial institutions don’t like giving loans to small scale farmers. You can step into this gap if you have lots of cash to spare.


117. Sugarcane Farming: Sugar cane should be planted either on grass or on the dirt area adjacent to water. Its harvesting when it is completely grown brings profit. Sugar cane is used to produce sugar, ethanol (a clean, affordable, and renewable transportation fuel), bioelectricity, bioplastics etc.


118. Butter and margarine can be made from plant and animal fats. This is an equally good agribusiness idea to consider for 2018.


119. The process of dye production from plant leaves as well as from plants is equally a fantastic agribusiness idea.


120. Constructing poultry house and other such farming structures for use by farmers to rear their livestock is a good agribusiness idea.

Poultry Cage

121. The process of producing oil from vegetables and groundnuts. This is a one of the very good agribusiness ideas that isn’t being exploited.


122. Soya seeds are grown to a great extent in Nigeria. You can earn money by processing and converting soya into drinks like soya milk.


123. Wheat grass farming can be done in order to feed live stocks. This is a one of the very good agribusiness ideas that isn’t being exploited.


124. Seedling Production: You can start a farm nursery dedicated to producing high quality seeds which you can sell to crop farmers. Sunflower seeds, soya bean seeds, sesame seeds etc. are currently in high demand.


125. It is common knowledge that Ginseng is a plant rich in medicinal properties. Ginseng can be farmed and sold to traditional or herbal doctors who use it for treating diverse health issues.


126. You can easily cultivate pumpkin, cucumbers and other veggies, which can be processed and sold as health juices in juice bars which health conscious people can drink at the start of every day.


127. Avocado Farming: Avocado is considered to be a major source of income for fruit farmers. It is very rich in medicinal properties. This is a very good agribusiness idea.


128. Poultry feed mill is one of the important agribusiness which you can make great profit from, particularly if your business is situated in the region where there are an appreciable number of poultry farms.


129. Rice is a major staple food of a number of countries, including Nigeria. So, rice can be grown and cultivated for the sake of profit.


130. Charcoal Business: Charcoal is used for various purposes in and outside Nigeria. You can supply charcoal to factories and plants which use it as a source of carbon in chemical reactions. It can also be exported to the Middle East where they use it for barbeque and smoking shisha.


131. Palm Oil Production: The palm seed oil extraction is a very simple technique and doesn’t have much hassle. It also can be considered as one of the most viable agribusiness venture. This is a one of the very good agribusiness ideas that isn’t being exploited.


132. There is a rising demand for agricultural consulting services. People having knowledge and experience in the field can start providing consulting services to new farmers and institutions seeking to invest in agriculture.


133. Fruits Exportation: You can start a business of collecting all the fruits and vegetables produced by the local farmers in your vicinity and move them to the cities of the world for sales.


135. Sunflower decoration business is also a vital source of income. Sunflowers are one of the most aesthetic flowers in the world and they are used for decoration and for marking special anniversaries and landmark events. This is a one of the very good agribusiness ideas that you should look into.


136. If you have a passion for growing crops but you don’t want to leave the city, then you should consider Hydroponic farming. Hydroponics is a technology for growing plants in nutrient solutions (water containing fertilizers) with the use of an artificial medium (sand, gravel, vermiculite, rockwool, perlite, peatmoss. coir, or sawdust) to provide mechanical support. Hydroponics makes it possible to grow vegetables in the cities and urban areas of the world.


137. Dried flower business has become one of the most profitable ventures across the world as there is strong demand for almost all types of flowers particularly those which are quite hard to grow. This is another one of the very good agribusiness ideas that isn’t being exploited.


138. Fertilizer distribution in Nigeria is mostly controlled by the government. In fact, it is one of the most profitable agribusiness ideas which can be done with minimum investment. You can help deliver fertilizers to farmers in remote locations.


139. Organic farming has the potential to become a very profitable business for you because of its rising demand. People are getting more cautious of the foods they eat and the chemicals present in these foods. Organic farming is a type of farming that doesn’t use chemical-based fertilizers or pesticides.


140. Among the various agribusiness ideas in Nigeria, vermin compost organic fertilizer has become one of the most important agribusiness with low investment.


141. Palm oil storage can be a source of income for you. This is also one of the very good agribusiness ideas that you can implement this year.


142. It is well known that olive is grown all across the country. Olive oil extraction is a profitable business venture. Olive oil is used for cooking but in Nigeria, it is especially used for religious purposes. This is a one of the very good agribusiness ideas that isn’t being exploited.


143. Bamboo stick production is another agribusiness idea that can bring you great profit with little effort and within a short span of time. Bamboo plants take a short time to grow. This is a one of the very good agribusiness ideas that isn’t being exploited.


144. Vineyard: You can start making local red wines and fruit wines from your own vineyard or fruit garden consisting of assorted fruits like grapes, berries and guava. This is another one of the very good agribusiness ideas that isn’t being exploited


145. Worm farming is another agribusiness idea you should consider. Worm farming is used for enriching farm soil and also to supply animal protein for fishes reared in ponds. This is one of the very good agribusiness ideas that isn’t being exploited.


146. If you love mechanical stuffs, you can start a business which repairs and maintain farm machinery. It will earn you good profits because there’s a dearth of quality mechanics and technicians in the country. You can visit our agriculture equipment section to learn more.

Farm Machinery

147. Distribution of processed and packaged livestock feeds made by multinationals to farmers is another good agribusiness idea you should consider. You can become a distributor to the major animal feed brands like Top Feed, Animal Care, Durante etc.


148. Providing vehicles to transport farm produce from the farms to the cities is also another good agribusiness idea that you should consider. This is another one of the very good agribusiness ideas that you can go into.


149. Providing legal services to farmers who export their produce. Most of these farmers don’t have the legal know-how to draft contracts, prepare agreements etc. This is a one of the very good agribusiness ideas that you can exploit if you’ve a legal background or training.


150. If you are artistic and creative, you can use dried flowers to produce artworks and crafts for hotels, private individuals and public buildings. This is one of the very good agribusiness ideas that isn’t being exploited.

Get Started Now

If you haven’t already started, then let 2018 be the year you start your own agribusiness. You’ve been presented with an exhaustive list of agribusiness ideas to choose from, the only thing left is for you to take action. Also, let us know in the comments below if we didn't include any good agribusiness idea you know of.

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