Nigeria Agriculture Data

January 31, 2018, 1:09 pm


If you need real-time data and information to make informed decisions about the Nigerian agricultural industry, then look no further. Makvid Technologies Ltd has created an online platform where you can access critical data and information about food market prices, food expenditure data and so much more. This platform is called Nigeria Data.


With Nigeria Data, you can get access to food prices in all the 36 states of Nigeria.


This critical information is vital for all stakeholders and players in the Nigerian agricultural sector. For example, farmers can use this information to take advantage of market price disparities and move their goods to states where they can command best prices for their produce. While economists and researchers can use this information to track inflation rates, purchasing power indexes and other development and investment metrics in Nigeria.


You can also get access to food expenditure data across all 36 states in Nigeria on Nigeria Data. This data lets you see how much Nigerians budget and spend on food items annually.


Nigeria Data is much more than a data and information platform. It’s also an online survey platform used to effectively and efficiently gather information from farmers and stakeholders in the Nigerian agricultural value chain so that their pressing needs or problems can be articulated and solved.


Nigeria Data also has an enrollment plan for farmers. Farmers who enroll on Nigeria Data get access to market prices of food, weather data and information and farming tips to improve their agricultural businesses. Enrolled farmers also get to trade their goods and produce on Nigeria Data’s trading platform.


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